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I wasted 3100 coins for a Mega Start, EXP Up, and Moves +5, and a free Disruption Delay on that thing. And my Mega Mewtwo Y failed me!! Its Mega Effects were to clear out one certain Psychic-type, but when I got to 5 moves left, Mega Mewtwo Y went for the smaller amount of a certain Psychic-type, and so I FAILED!! What do I do??

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You can try pressing buttons. I heard from somewhere that's the easiest way.
Like what buttons?

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The Meditite on the starting board really hinders any combo potential. Your Psychic team should do just fine against it - use Lugia for Eject+ to get rid of the Meditite for easy early damage to get you past it. I know Lugia is a Flying type, but it will get you through. Cresselia can also help you clear the barriers in the middle, so that's another option. Another option is to use a Skill Swapper on a Espeon or Mew to get Eject+, but that isn't the best use of a Skill Swapper. Go with +5, DD, and MS and a team of MMY, 2 strongest AP Psychic Pokemon, and either an Eject+ Pokemon or a BB+ Pokemon.

Also you should never use a EXP up on any stage except Magearna and Ampharos. It's a waste of 300/800 coins (I don't know if you're playing mobile or not).

What about Victini? (Note: I have used Cresselia and Lugia also for that thing, but the problem is MEGA MEWTWO Y!!!!!!!!)