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I was wondering if there is anything I can click on during battle, if I have a mon' that is mega evolved, that will display the increase. Or any way at all? Do the actual stats change in the summery from not being mega evolved to clicking the mega evolve button and going back and looking. Just trying to find an exact way to see how it changes the stats of certain Pokémon I might want to mega mega evolve... this is driving me nuts. Thanks guys!

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When a Pokemon Mega Evolves, their base stats change. You can see how they change by viewing their stats before and after Mega Evolution. If that's what you're asking.
Oh that's simple enough. I guess I never tried looking before AND after. So I didn't actually see if they were any different. Thank you! How silly of me if it's really that simple. Still an extra feature to compare side-by-side or something would be nice....-_-

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I'm not sure but when you are in a battle, try going to your Pokemon and click on the mega Pokemon and then it says summary and you click on that and that should tell you your Pokemons stats.

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