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I can't seem to evolve my Golbat into a Crobat. I gave it a Soothe Bell, I made sure everythings good in Pokemon Refresh, I have it in the first slot battling but it still hasn't evolved. Its at level 50 now and still hasn't evolved. Anyone got any tips or something to help me out?

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I guess it just haven't reached 220 happines, which is the happiness needed to evolve golbat
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Golbat evolves using frienship, which is different from affection. To raise its friendship, you should go places with it, level it up, and feed it EV berries. To check its friendship, the easiest way is asking a particular person in Konikoni City. Also, high friendship alone won't evolve it. The evolution mechanic only checks for friendship when the Pokemon levels up, so Golbat will only evolve upon leveling up.

I wouldn't recommend giving it EV berries, unless your willing to drastically decrease its stats. Just walk everywhere with it in your party, the more steps the better. Waste time hatching a couple eggs, and then when you next level it up it should evolve. Also, make sure not to let it faint, as that will decrease its friendship.
No Pokemon needs all of their stats to work. For example, Golbat works roughly the same no matter how many EVs it has in HP, physical defense, special attack, or special defense, so it's safe to feed Golbat stuff like pomeg berries, qualot berries, hondew berries, and tamato berries.