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Too many time since last time i've played this gen, then I may have forgot some things and changes from the other generations, but looks like poison effect don't work on grass in this gen. Is the effect that does't work or may the Pokemon be using a certain item, having a certain hability, etc?

Already tried poisoning Lombre, Nuzleaf and Shroomish, didn't worked.

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Grass has never been immune to poison, not directly at least. Specifically, what are you doing that isn't working?
I'm using poison powder to poisoning them, but is not working.

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Grass types are immune to status effects only if the status inducing moves are of grass type, for example: Stun Spore, Poison Spore, Leech Seed and the like.

Any of these moves won't affect grass types.

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That isn't accurate.  Grass Types are immune to powder-based moves and Leech Seed, but are not immune to Grass-Type status moves in general.  Grasswhistle works on Grass-Types.
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Grass Pokémon are immune to spore moves and leech seed. However, toxic should still work on the Pokémon you listed above, but Shroomish might have poison heal, so poisoning it is probably not the best idea. Have you been trying to poison it with poison powder? If so, that explains it.

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