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I notice there are a couple of questions asking about a few moves, but is there a complete list?


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Here goes...
acid, astonish, aurora Beam, Air Slash, Ancientpower, Bite, Blaze Kick, Blizzard, Body Slam, Bone Club, Bounce, Bubble, Bubblebeam, bug Buzz, Bulldoze, Constrict, chatter, Cross Poison, Crunch, Crush Claw, Dark Pulse, Discharge, Dizzy Punch, Dragonbreath, Dragon Rush, Dynamicpunch, Earth power, Ember, Energy Ball, extrasensory, fire Blast, Fire Fang, Fire Punch, Focus Blast, Force Palm, Flamethrower, Flame Wheel, Flare Blitz, Flame Charge, flash cannon, gunk Shot, Headbutt, heat wave, heart stamp, hurricane, hyper fang, ice beam, ice fang, ice punch, Inferno, Lava plume, Leaf Tornado, low sweep, meteor Mash, mirror Shot, Muddy water, Mud Bomb, Night Daze, needle Arm, Octazooka, ominous wind, Poison Fang, Poison Jab, Poison sting, Poison tail, poweder snow, psybeam, psychic, razor Shell, Relic Song, Rock CLimb, Rock slide, Rock smash, Rolling Kick, Scalrd, Secret power, Seed flare, shadow ball, signal beam, silver wind, sludge, sludge bomb, sludge wave, smog, snore, spark, steamroller, stomp, thunder, thunderbolt, thunder fang, thunderpunch, thundershock, Tri attack, Twinnedle, twister, waterfall, water pulse, zap cannon, zen headbutt..Whew!


OH MY GOSH! My eyes are swirling!
I see that moves which have a high critical hit ratio are not included. Awww...I guess that rules out stone edge.