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It is shiny, level 100, has perfect IVs, and the OT is Sakati.Tv. Also, I got it from a wonder trade. I'm pretty sure it's hacked, but I just wanna make sure.

I've received a Shiny Origin Forme Giratina (it was level 100 and had all 6 perfect IVs) from the same guy in SM! I didn't use it yet, but I really do not know if it is hacked or not.
The OT proves it came from a giveaway. I looked up Sakati on the internet, but I didn't find anything that said where his Pokemon came from.

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It is most likely hacked for several reasons:

  1. Who would trade a shiny Pokémon on Wonder Trade? They would get something like a Weedle in return for their time.

  2. The level is 100. Sun and Moon are some of the hardest games to get to Lvl. 100, meaning that the trader must have either grinded way too much or just hacked it in.

  3. 6 IV breeding is still not common with a great setup, so them getting a shiny and perfect IVs is extremely rare for no payoff.

So the Rhydon is most likely hacked in.

proof please? Also, there is finally a hands-off way to raise them with Pelago, so it's not that hard
I DM'ed him and asked how he got his Pokémon and he said that he turns every last Pokémon he obtained from the GTS to what the GTS Pokémon owner wants. This also explains why in Giveaways they always ask for one certain Pokémon.
ORAS was harder, because the max level for wild Pokemon was about 38, and in SM it's 58.
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The OT means its from some kind of giveaway on youtube , its genned in but still a cool shiny!

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