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I'm getting closer to finishing Pokemon x, and when I've finished I am thinking of making a team of only eevee evolutions for my next playthrough. Which 6 of the 8 eevee evolutions would be the best for a team of all eeveelutions?

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However , there are no special eeveelution . But I suggest using Jolteon , espeon , sylveon , glaceon , vaporeon , flareon.
@Rahat Hasan, They ARE special "Typed". The only Eeveelution that we do not have currently and will be typed specially is the Dragon-type.
^ you basing that on Gen 1 - Gen 3 move types? based on the kind of damage they did?

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According to Smogon's XY in-game tiers thread, the 5 best Eeveelutions are Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, and Sylveon. The last slot would probably best be filled by Umbreon because no other Eeveelution can cover ghost and dark with their STAB attacks.

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Eeveelutions Team
Obviously all eeveelutions are based on special attackers,
Flareon and Leafeon are the physical Pokemons.

Umbreon @ Leftovers | Nature up to you
Sylveon @ Leftovers | Modest Nature

Leafeon @ Life orb | Impish Nature
Flareon @ Leftovers | Impish Nature

Espeon @ Expert belt | Timid Nature
Jolteon @ Focus Sash | Timid Nature

This is theoretically the best Eeveelutions mixup for me.

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Vaporeon is better than Leafeon because it can be evolved earlier and the player doesn't have to carry around a weak Eevee for as long.
Umbreon isn't a special attacker, it's usually used as a staller with payback in case of taunt
When you're playing against NPCs, you're usually better off teaching Umbreon dark pulse and using it as a tank rather than using it as a staller.
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leafeon=jolly 252atk 252spe/hp (for synthesis) and 4spe/hp ===flareon=adamant 252atk 252 def/spdef and 4def/spdef
jolteon=timid 252spe 252spattk 4hp/def/spdef
sylveon=modest or bold 252def 252spatk 4hp
glaceon=modest or timid 252def 252spdef/spattk 4hp
espeon =timid or modest 252 spattk 252 spe 4def/spef
umbreon =timid or jolly 252hp (for moonlight)252 def/spdef and 4def/spdef

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Vaporeon is better than Glaceon because it can be evolved earlier and the player doesn't have to carry around a weak Eevee for as long.