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Okay, so I like to know if this arceus is legit cause if it isn't I won't use it in battle spot (I already don't use illegitimate Hoopa and Lugia, because I know their hacked, they have perfect IVs/good natures, and got them from wonder trade).
I got this arceus of the gts:

Nature: Timid
Iv's: 31Hp, (no good/0)Atk, 31def, 31spa, 31spd, 31spe
Ev's: 252spa, 252spe, 4spd
From, Hoenn
OT: from japan, can't type name
- Judgment
- Blast Burn
- Hydro Cannon
- Flash Cannon
I got this on oras a while back and used Pokemon bank to transfer to Ultra Moon.


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At first I thought it was hacked, but I did some research and come to the conclusion that you may actually have a legit Arceus. In 2015 there was an event in Japan distributing a shiny Arceus with two moves it otherwise would be unable to learn, Blast Burn and Hydro Cannon. It was available in the games X/Y and OR/AS

(scroll down to 2015 events)

Congrats. Most shiny Arceus are hacked, but I think you have a real one.

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It's OT matches up, but whoever had it before me replaced earth power with flash cannon. I've also checked the bulbapedia article and it said arceus should be able to remember blast burn/hydro cannon if it is real, so i'll check that.
Arceus was able to remember hydro cannon! I believe it is real.
Wow, that's crazy!
Enjoy it, man. You're now one of the few people to have a legit one!
Thanks, I'll start using it on battle spot tomorrow. I've already thought up 3 great movesets.
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