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I've always reached there bringing one who had learned HMs and could also learn the Rock Smash, so I was able to move/destroy rocks, use Surf, etc. I don't remember if I had to use HMs to solve the Sevii Island quest.

Then I was wondering about this: If I cannot solve the quest without HMs, then would happen if you bring six Pokemon who can't learn HMs? Since you can't come back to the traditional Kanto map by sailing, and the PCs there doesn't work at the start.

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You need HM Surf and Strength to do the main story line in the islands...

Having HM Cut makes it a easier to move around and also to avoid some trainers...

HM Rock Smash can be used to get some items...HM Fly isn't necessary either, though not having Fly makes traveling on the game tedious...

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What happen if you don't bring surf and strenght then? They'l let you return to the Kanto traditional map, something like this? Thanks for answering.
Yeah u can go back to Kanto, Vermillion City... No prob man