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What do you mean?
Which game are you asking about? What are the Ditto's moves?
If you are referring to Transforming immediately when the battle begins, that's due to its HA of Imposter.
Ditto doesnt have transform, does it have struggle? Pls respond

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Well, now, since nobody is answering this, I might as well do so.

Ditto should have the move Transform in all main games. In certain side games (like Rumble), Ditto can only have Struggle. If Ditto has it's Hidden Ability Impostor, Ditto will transform instantly the turn it was sent out. If Ditto has any move other than Transform in the main games, it is hacked or has been subjected to this glitch:

In Generation II, if a Pokémon uses Sketch while transformed, it will permanently learn the Sketched move.

However, odds are that they fixed it in VGC Gen 2 games (as they did with some other things) and is extremely hard to "legitimately" obtain (if you count glitch abuse as legitimate). Hope I helped.
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It's in a fanmade pokemon game.