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What are you talking about?
N's castle!
You could be more specific. It's kind of obvious that you're talking about N's castle. What I didn't realize is that you were referring to the 11 staircases.

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You can enter all programmed parts of N's castle in B/W/B2/W2. There are only 5 floors in N's Castle. In B/W, you cannot revisit N's Castle.

There is no point for the character or the plot to go into such places. Your character will only got to where the fight is. As for B2/W2, the other parts are unnecessary, and probably ruined/more unsafe then the main compartment, making no use to explore them. You probably could if you had free will, but the dev's code contains you. Game Freak Logic. You get used to it. :P

-Myself, Comment.
Basically, Game Freak Logic. They didn't code it in is the only reason it isn't in there. There's no point to make a DS cartridge have a large, unused area on it when it already has to have 500+ Pokemon and 600-ish moves on it. The Developers were lazy and decided the area was purposeless and not worth the effort of coding it in.

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In Black/White, about 11 compartments all released stairwells, one of which appears in front of you and Alder in the Pokemon League. That is the main one, and you can only enter that part. You are talking about the main compartment.
Ya it's gigantic you think there would be a lot more exploring lol
Yeah but what if you just want to explore those areas before the fights?
The game says no. Game Freak logic. Unfortunate, for we don't always get what we want. well, if your REALLY hopeful and we ever get BW remakes, there's a small chance they'll add it in. But for now, we'll all have to wait. :P