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I know that pokemon can have something called pokerus but I don't know what it is or how a pokemon has it and what it does and all that stuff. Please help! I have a ditto that has pokerus and I want to know how it will affect my ditto!


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It doubles the Effort values a pokemon can get. It's great for EV training. If I battle a pokemon that gives three HP EVs, I'll gain 6 instead. You can even spread it to other pokemon by having them in your party with the infected pokemon. It won't be able to spread it forever, so spread it quickly, and always keep at least one pokemon with it in your PC (this freezes the timer, so it won't die out.) Once a pokemon "loses" the pokerus, it still gets the doubled EVs, but it can no longer spread it to other pokemon.

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They gain double EV's, you can stack up the effect with any power items, to gain mass evs (when they cured they have a smiley face) You can have a pokemon with undefined pokerus when you store it in a box, you can infect pokerus by having that pokemon in your party.

Heres some tips:
-Always have at least 1 pokemon with pokerus (to infect the others)
-Train fast the pokemon with pokerus for maximun efficacy

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