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For example in gen 1, there was no sp. def and sp. atk. I don't know when the six stats appeared. (HP, attack, sp. atk, defense, sp. def, speed)

So my question is in gen 2 games, are there already six stats or only five?

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No. In gen 2, there were 6. They are: HP, Attack, Defense, Speed, Special Attack and Special Defense.
In gen 1, there were 5. They were HP, Attack, Defense, special and speed

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Just saying, speed was usually listed before special.
Important to mention though, Special Attack and Special Defence share the same DV in Gen 2, which is a remnant of their being merged in the previous generation. So they weren’t completely like the others stats, yet.
^ the comment I would've left, if I weren't writing battle guides. Also, sumwun, in the context of the question, it doesn't matter what order stats are listed in :P