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Each stat can reach 31 points at the same time? Or only one of them? If more than one can reach 31 points at the same time, how many of them? (Without hyper training or other looks alike means)


For example more than one reaching 31:
HP: 31
sp atk :0
Attack: 2
Sp def: 31
Defense: 31
Speed: 0


Only one reaching 31:
HP: 0
Sp atk: 3
Attack: 31
Sp def: 5
Speed: 0


Also, there is a basic number who is split between the stats, and only the max one can have is 31?

For example: the number 60, then 60 % 6 = 10

So stats could be like:

HP: 0
Sp atk: 31
Attack: 29
Sp def: 0
Defense: 0
Speed: 0


I've found some confusing information on bulbapedia but i'm not understanding them.

(PS: If you guys didn't understood my question and gonna edit, please only edit gramal erros, but keep, the words as it is, otherwise I might not have the answer I need, thanks for understanding!)

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Pokemon can have 31 IVs in every stat. It is just difficult to get a Pokémon in those requirements.

Source: Experience

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This is for pokemon caught in the wild or pokemon with hyper training? Can also have pokemon with zero in every stat?
Yep. Each Pokemon has every stat get a random value of 0-31, with lower numbers more likely.
Destiny knot breeding allow a pokemon up to 5 guaranteed IV's if the parents have perfect in that area. Meaning, if you bred for a long time, you'd eventually get a pokemon hatch with 5 Iv's from parents and the sixth one generated as 31. if you want me to explain this in an answer, just ask. :P
I'm pretty sure that, unless something is influencing the IVs, every number between 0 and 31 has an equal chance of appearing.