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As I'm about to face Jasmine in the Olivine City Gym, I love all my Pokemon. I have a special bond with each one, having gone out of my way to obtain and evolve all of them (except Pidgeotto). My team looks like this:

-Crobat (Flying/Poison)
Lv. 24
Confuse Ray
Shadow Ball

-Heracross (Bug/Fighting)
Lv. 26
Aerial Ace
Rock Smash
Horn Attack
Brick Break

-Gyarados (Water/Flying)
Lv. 25
Dragon Rage

-Pidgeotto (Flying)
Lv. 23
Quick Attack

-Flaaffy (Electric)
Lv. 27
Thunder Shock
Thunder Wave

-Croconaw (Water)
Lv. 22
Rock Smash
Ice Fang

Of course I'm open to other suggestions besides just replacing my Croconaw. Thank you for your help.

Crocanaw is a pretty good surf user before you get waterfall.
Gyrados is his surf user. :P
But, yeah, surf could help as STAB for now
Gyarados is really much better at using strength than surf or tackle. I don't know why the Rapids person chose both of those moves over strength (and why he chose Gyarados in the first place when he already had a Crocanaw).
Is this not allowed by the "no in-game team rates" rule?
Close to it. This has a little bit more direction though. I take issue with posts that just dump a team and say ‘rate it’, but the asker makes it clear what they want here. Not really a rate, just asking for a Pokémon that would fit.
And I rather be lenient with this rule in general. This question is definitely answerable.

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Your team suffers an incredible weakness to Electric. As such, the Pokémon I would suggest that would replace Crocanow would be a ground type. Seeing as your Pokémon are around level 22, I would suggest Dugtrio. With an incredible 120 speed and powerful 100 attack, and covering your weakness of electric, I think Dugtrio would be the perfect addition to your team. You can catch him at Diglet’s Cave in Kanto. His move pool is admittedly ba pretty barren, but you can teach him Rock Smash and Cut, just like your Croconow.

And these are the reasons why I think you should use Dugtrio on your team instead of Croconow. Thank you for your time.

If RapidsBVR is just before Jasmines gym how can he get a Dugtrio in Diglet's Cave?
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This question is apparently allowed, so I might as well try to answer it.
The exact way in which this question is worded intrigues me. You asked for a "suitable" replacement, not a good one. I'm pretty sure it's impossible to suit a Pokemon in any game older than XY, and even then the assault vest isn't really a suit, either. So, unfortunately, I don't think there are any "suitable" Pokemon that you can use.
Because you can't suit a Pokemon, I might as well tell you the best thing you can do to this team. As I said earlier, Croconaw is very likely the single best Pokemon in the whole game, so definitely keep it. Make it forget rock smash and cut somehow (preferably by day care) and teach it surf and crunch instead. I would suggest that you stop using Gyarados so you have less electric-weak Pokemon and you can concentrate more of your experience and other resources into making Croconaw stronger. The reason why I say "stop using Gyarados" instead of "stop using Croconaw" is that Feraligatr takes less experience to level up, is better at using moves like ice beam, surf, and focus blast because of its higher special attack, has less common weaknesses, and can learn moves like superpower and swords dance. If you don't want a five-Pokemon team for whatever reason, then you should replace Gyarados with a Swinub so you have coverage against electric, poison, and dragon.

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I would suggest keeping Croconow too, but he wants to get rid of it, so I suggested the next best thing. Also, the beggining part was totally unnecesary please cut it out
If you weren't being sarcastic, suitable means acceptable.
The entire video game industry is totally unnecessary. Nobody's cutting that out.