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A Rhyperior planned for the future:

Ability: Solid Rock
Attacks: Earthquake, Stone Edge, Poison Jab, Avalanche

Which nature, set of EVs and item would you recommend?

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I would switch Rock Slide with Stone Edge
Oh crap!
I meant stone edge of course >.<
I play Pokemon in German so I have to look up the names and everything in English and thus mistook Rock Slide and SE >.<

1 Answer

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Adamant Nature +Attack / -Sp. Attack
Careful Nature +Sp. def / - Sp. Attack

Item posibilities:
Leftlovers - Because rypherior has lots of hp
Focus Sash - To Prevent OHKO from Special Sweepers
Expert Belt - Due to his good coverage moveset

Also, you should replace poison jab for Megahorn, it will give you more type coverage.

Careful is nice, Focus Sash... nah. Rather expert belt.
Megahorn lacks the accuracy.
And what EVs?