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As mos of you know, in Lavender town there was planned to be a boss called "Buriedalive". Their Pokémon were:
Muk, Gengar, and.... 2 White Hands.
Doesn't that sound similar? In the games someone says there is a white hand on you. They are probably the White Hands from Buriedalive.
The Pokémon anime came after the Pokémon games, and Gamefreak wanted to get rid of Buriedalive, because it wasn't kid-friendly. But why did they still put an easter-egg from Buriedalive and their most scary Pokémon?

That's all!

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Ummm.... I don think any1 knows who "Buriedalive" is.

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Buried alive isn't real. It's a creepypasta.

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