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So I discovered by accident that in some of the battles in US, it isn't essential for the player to win in order to progress, you lose with no blackout, and no respawning at a Pokémon Centre. Happened when battling Gladion after Acerola's Trial, against Lusamine before Poni, and against Dusk Mane Necrozma. (I'm attempting a Metronome Run so I've been losing a lot, took me 25 tries to get past Ultra Necrozma.) I'm wondering how many other battles are like this? The only other time I can think of are the starter battles at the very beginning of some games.

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theres the first two Blue battles....
In all games the first trainer you ever battle is your rival, it doesn't matter if you win or lose, also, they have different text depending on if you lost or won, but I'm sure theres more.
The player doesn't need to win the first rival battle in Pt.
in oras you need to beat may the first time
Same for RSE.