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I just got two eggs seems to take longer to hatch... Still haven’t hatched yet.

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Manphy takes 2560 steps to hatch in SM. That is not a lot compared too the other eggs in Alola. Also hwo do you get a manaphy egg in SM?

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I was about to answer too. I better just guide you instead. This guy needs to know when You breed Manaphy with Ditto you don't get Manaphy eggs, you get Phione eggs. The Manaphy egg was only for DPPT/HGSS and you get it from the Pokémon Ranger game for the Nintendo DS. The egg itself can only be sent to DPPT/HGSS, nowhere else. Also, to hatch eggs faster, have a Pokémon with flame body in the front of your party and do this: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/Ib0i_1Nv71Q/maxresdefault.jpg

Also is DPPT supposed to mean Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum? And I think you can trade the Manaphy egg between DPPT and HGSS.