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So I got a shiny Arceus Lvl 100 in wondertrade and I want to know if it's a real one. The Trainer name and the ID is the same as from this one:

I went to that women showing you the previous moves of your Pokemon and all the moves from the link were there and also a few others.
The Arceus also has that Wishing Ribbon on.
Would be nice if someone could tell me if its real or not

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There's no way to be sure; this Arceus could very well be completely legit. At this point, the only red flag I can think of would be checking its IVs; if they're perfect, it's absolutely hacked. Even if they aren't I would still say the chance of it being hacked is higher than the chance of it being legit since it comes from an event that is several years old that was only available in Japan, and it is relatively common for people to hack in several boxes of shinies and Wonder Trade them (in general, it's best to be suspicious of any shiny you receive over Wonder Trade for this reason).

TL;DR It's impossible to be 100% certain, but I'd be very suspicious of any shiny Arceus on the Wonder Trade.

I checked the IVs and they're not perfect, but I just realised that the name of the Arceus is Arceus and not that japanese one and the country is also england. This means that it's hacked right?
Oh and what does a black pentagon mean I'm just curious because I read about it but I still don't know what it means
Since it has an English name, yes it’s hacked.
The black pentagon means that it originates from a Gen 6 game.