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Because she's being chased by a butcher.
Lol nice.
I think we need to talk about whether we allow stuff like this, because it has flooded this site in recent times. Clearing flags for now.
Isn't this kind of like asking "How does Miltank use shadow ball? Real cows can't use shadow ball."?

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She has a base speed of 100, which is decent, but nothing to gaze in awe at.

Cows aren't fast. At most, they might be able to hit around 20 miles per hour, so there isn't a real-word reason for her slightly-above-average speed.

Miltank is pretty fat. She's 166.4 pounds, and only barely four feet tall. According to the highly respected scientists at MedicalNewsToday she is overweight; obese, in fact. She really shouldn't be able to move at all.

So, there is no reason. Gamefreak made her fast when she shouldn't be.

Gamefreak logic.

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Uh, sorry, but, (oof so many comma's) your source from the sciensists at MedicalNewsToday is for humans. Cows have a **very** different anatomy. And are **much** stronger.
Also your thing that cows can' hit 'bout 20 miles per hour are only guesses, without reliable resources.
That's true, but I feel like Miltank has more in common with humans than with actual dairy cows.
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What I believe is that Miltank uses Rollout. Yes, this Pokémon uses this while running, but also to attack. I think it would look like this: Rolls, (for moving) stops(/rolls even more if it uses Rollout) stops, and uses an Attack. Also Speed in Pokémon isn’t just speed, reaction speed counts too. And, I'm pretty sure it's hard to do a somersault rapidly without any stops, but, that's why it's round. It only stops when it needs to stop.

That's all!

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