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Right, unless you hack. The event is already over anyway. :P

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Yes, you can't get victini using an emulator. First and foremost because the emulator doesn't allow you to have time based events in the game, plus you can't get it anyways now since the event is over. Although I think there is a way to trade for it using an emulator, not sure I'll look it up.

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Ohhh, it's so sad. it is soooo cute, and strong. well, thank you :)
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Emulator , there are tons of ways .
You can use soo many hacks to get any pokemon you want and my friend showed it to me on his computer .
AR codes are the answer . It is not allowed to give you any codes on this site so I wont provide any link but yes you could always use google and im sure you can find ti .

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Most likely not the event Victini..But you can use the Wild Pokemon Modifier AR Code to catch one.

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NOPE, unless you hack but you should have got the english version and get victini but now you cant

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