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My Team

Marshtomp Lv. 34
Aron Lv. 29
Hariyama Lv. 29
Manectric Lv. 30
Gloom Lv. 28
Sableye Lv.27

his last Pokemon is a slaking it's facade is so strong


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Teach Sableye detect and rock smash, give it a Leppa berry, and alternate between the 2 moves so that Slaking can't touch Sableye until detect runs out of the Microsoft presentation editor. After lowering Slaking's physical defense a few times, Marshtomp or Hariyama should have an easier time finishing it off.

After defeating Norman, I recommend that you stop using Sableye and Aron. Both have low speed and special defense and will have trouble taking hits in the second half of the game.

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Evolve your makuhita .If you evolve it, it can take care of his first two or last two Pokemon .The Linoone that he has is weak .
Dont use any status moves on slaking as it has facade and try your luck with rock smashes and arm thrusts . Also use your aron and marshtomp to heal up your Hariyama .Hope this helped.

Vital throw is significantly stronger than arm thrust.
Who will grind more for vital throw
Any reasonable person, because Makuhita learns it at level 13.
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First you should get a Pokemon that has protect/detect to use against slaking.
You should use a hariyama it can hit really hard and is bulky.
For walls use Aron/Lairon and Sableye.
If you don't have a Hariyama use blaziken or breloom
Avoid using status conditions as all of Norman's Pokemon have facade
Use Pokemon with high sp.att such as alakazam/gardevoir and gengar but they die quickly due to their low defense. Ghost types with high sp.att is very good.

The question already says he/she/they/it has a Hariyama, so he/she/they/it doesn't need a Blaziken or Breloom. Also there are no ghost Pokemon with high special attack that are obtainable before battling Norman.