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Using that damage calculator is much easier than asking questions here.

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It depends. If used by a STAB Pokemon, and is a crit, STAB makes venoshock effectively 90 BP.
Crits multiply the power by 1.5 so now it would be 135 BP. x 2 would be 270.
If no STAB, then it would be 180 BP. Of course, this isn't the most accurate, as type effectiveness alsso applies. Also if my be a little less than what it would actualy do. At stab counts as a modifier. Stats also greatly affect the outcome.

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Venoshock has 65 BP. A critical hit would effectively increase it to 97.5, and STAB would further increase it to 146.25, but technically it considers the attack and defense stats and the user's level before considering STAB and critical hits.