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Welll, people have pulled secret rates and the RAINBOW RARE charizard and Reshiram, so it’s really a gamble
I don't think we can answer questions if the answer depends on how much money you have. If it doesn't depend on money, what else could be stopping you from buying the box?
I think the question is the money WORTH the things IN the box
The same amount of money has different values for different people. If the asker can't afford to eat every day, then obviously it's not worth it. If the asker is a middle class person earning 10,000 USD per year, then why not buy it?
The point is is it worth the money for the contents.
So you're asking whether the things in the box are worth more or less money than the box?
Heck no. The last time I got one of those, there were NO GX's, NOTHING GOOD. I can get better cards from the 3 card packs at dollar tree. In fact, One time in one pack I got a Blaziken GX, the next pack I got a poipole, and the next pack I got a different Blaziken GX.

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