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I know what is B/W1 best starter is, but I want to know what it is in the 2nd version. I dunno: it could be anything!

I think you could just look up the best team for black 2 white 2 on this site and see
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Maybe just look it up by yourself..? This site has a lot of resources.
@sanntai I'm pretty sure Snivy is the worst, but I don't know whether Tepig or Oshawott is better.
@Ember I think this site still doesn't have the answer to this question.
this can't be answered. I'm sure the starter has to coordinate with the rest of your team. (I love snivy though)

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The best starter Pokemon in any game is a matter of opinion. Personally, the fire type starter is often my first choice regardless of how cool or powerful the others are, but this is only because fire types are notoriously rare early on in the games. If I was picking a starter in Unova based on power, I'd definitely go with Tepig (the fire type) because it evolves into a fire and fighting type with dangerously powerful moves. My second choice would be Oshawott, because grass types like Snivy are very weak in Generation 5 of the core series.

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BW2 might be an exception to rare fire types, because Darumaka comes pretty early and also has better stats and level up moves than Emboar. Oshawott, on the other hand, is probably not outclassed by another water.
Also this isn't relevant to BW2, but water starters were the best until Generation 4. This is mainly due to getting surf pretty early while fire starters are still stuck with ember, and the fact that water starters learn a bunch more HMs.
That's true enough. The weird thing is that Snivy is actually the starter I chose for White 2, despite the number of weaknesses and disadvantages it has. It's not that I have anything against Oshawott or Tepig (either would have been fine choices in my opinion). Snivy just has a certain je ne sais quoi that the other two starters don't. As I said before, it's a matter of opinion.
"This is mainly due to getting surf pretty early while fire starters are still stuck with ember"
That is not true. Tepig learns Flame charge at level 15.
"water starters were the best until Generation 4."
BW2 are in gen 5.