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I have mareep and tepig and these are going to be on my team later thunderus swablu munna. Who should I put last?

Edit my current team is tepig mareep riolu swablu and I will get thunderus. So one more?

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Excadrill and Cinccino are pretty strong. Why would you use Thundurus if you already have an electric Pokemon and a flying Pokemon?
For this song: level 5 legendary. Parody of 2 guys on a scooter i made a 5 guys on a hammock song.
Not changing it just need a final.
Maybe Leavanny since you don’t have a bug or grass type. It’s got a pretty good attack stat and decent speed.
Cinccino's best move is stronger than Leavanny's. The swablu person also doesn't have a normal type, and Cinccino also has pretty good physical attack and decent speed.
Swablu is normal and won't evolve for a while cause of growth rate though maybe leavanny cinncino or excadrill. If  any pros on rmt could answer that would be great.

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A 5 Pokemon team will work just fine. If you really want 6, then you can use the hidden grotto Minccino, which is kind of broken because it has good sweeper stats on top of both skill link and tail slap. A good not-normal option is Krookodile, because nobody on your current team covers fire, electric, poison, psychic, or ghost.

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