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My Samurott doesnt like my ditto and all my pokemon like my ditto enough to breed a


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that means they will breed an egg soon
when they dislike eachother they breed

what does it say if they cannot breed? I cannot remeber, and I need to know :P
thanks in return
If it says "They prefer to play with other pokemon rather than each other", they can't breed. I think that if it says they don't like each other, you have a 20% chance of an egg appearing every 256 steps. I might be wrong, but I think am close. Hope this helps
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Actually when they dislike each other, they have less chance of breeding an egg. Each time you walk 256 steps, there's a certain chance your pokemon will breed an egg. When they don't like each other, the percentage of that is 19%. It will happen eventually do don't worry about it.