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Okay you know your rival has a elemental monkey correct and that they learn crunch around lv 42.

But I noticed that Cheren evolved his pansage at lv 32 but the odd part is that it learned crunch as a simisage when it cant.


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As you might know, Your ingame rival can always break any kind of commong logic, just as all of his pokemon's moves are always pp maxed.

yeah also ghetsis having a level 54 hydreigon
Exactly, and does anyone remember HeartGold's level 13 pidgeotto?
Or the level 9 one in the original gold?
Yeah I do
 I can remember a few of those.
To add to my last - fishing/super rod - lvl. 5 Gyarados.

The most epic Gyarados I have ever seen.
and lance has 50 level dragonitein pokemon leage and before that when you fight against team rocket he has a level 40 dragonite LOL
Yeah, Lance is apparently a dragon type user, when only his 3 dragonites are dragon types. The guide book probably messed up though, he is actually a flying type user.