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Level 23 Growlithe in Box 1. I was going to breed it at the nursery. I was at South Lake Miloch Wild Area to catch one of the opposite gender. Went to check original's gender to make sure I knew what to look for. Boom! All of a sudden, gone. Never hacked, never had glitches. Haven't ever done trades. Is this a glitch? Has this ever happened to anyone else? Help me get it back please!

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Its not g-max. Does anyone has a solution??????
Have you checked your pokejobs?
Did you not save? I didn't even know there was autosave.
I am el stupido. I sent it on a Pokèjob. XDXDXD
So you want to answer your own question now?

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Apparently I'm just really stupid. I sent it on a Pokè Job. Thanks to Gekky for reminding me about them, otherwise I never would've gotten my Vulpix and Sizzlipede back either.

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No problem. Lost and found my Gigantamax Meowth the same way.