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i was wondering what can samurott's best nature be.My samurott's nature is Brave


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There is no "best nature" for any Pokemon. But for Pokemon that focus on physical moves (e.g. Gyarados), get a nature that decreases special attack, and for Pokemon that focus on special moves (e.g. Milotic) get a nature that decreases attack.

In Samurott's case its attack and special attack are nearly the same so you can do one of three things:

  1. Make it a physical attacker and have Jolly or Adamant as its nature.
  2. Make it a special attacker and have Modest or Timid as its nature.
  3. Make it a mixed attacker and choose any nature, maybe one that decreases defense?
Samurott don't need the speed, it needs defenses because 70 base speed can't outrun anything
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Actually, thats a good nature for a phisical Samurott
Because you get an attack boost plus the speed lower that you don't need because you will use revenge

Just add Megahorn / X scissor

Waterfall / Razor Shell / Aqua Tail

and some other filler :b

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Revenge has actually negative priority, means he'll attack last anyway.
Ure right, but since it will attack last it wont need the speed anyways