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I know that Charizard is a SAtk, but I think a Defense boosting Nature would be a great thing for it.
If I just use a even Nature (Serious, Docile, Hardy, etc...) I'm afraid that my Charizard will be sort of weak in the long run.
Then there is EVs and IVs and all that good stuff that comes along with stats, and that too is part of my question.
What EVs should I train for? I'm thinking Defense and Speed are some things I should train for, as well as HP perhaps.
Any thoughts?

If you one shot the opponent, there is no need for defense
What are your plan for your Pokémon and moves does this have.  Like a sharing Attack and Special for example Flametrower and earthquake or just one set of moves?
You want speed, making you go 1st.  Defenses aren’t raised because abilities can hold it off if you know what I mean.  Like if you hit under a third of your hp.  Your fire attacks raise, helping you out.  Most people find a way for sharing Evs.  If you are a special attacker, One suggestion is 252 on special attack 252 on speed and 6 on special defense. You can have a defensive nature, but you got to give up something.  Maybe like attack since your Charizard is a Special attacker
I should probably have mentioned I have a Special Ability Charizard...

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Honestly, for in-game teams, specific EV's, IV's and natures don't have too much of an impact because most of your problems can be solved by leveling up. Also, for your nature, do modest or timid depending on what you want. Timid for speed, Modest for Special attack. Defense said I raising nature is not meant for a sweeper like Charizard. As for IV's, get all best except for Attack because you aren't using that. As for EV's, I would go for 252 SpA, 252 Spd, and 4 Defense to help with that 4x rock weakness. Charizard's highest stats are Special Attack and Speed, so it is mostly meant for a sweeper role. Sorry for the long answer, I just wanted to be thorough :). Hope I helped!

Thank you- the reason I was thinking defense was because of that 4x rock weakness; not many strong special attacking rock type attacks have decent accuracy. Thanks!
No problem!  Glad to help.