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is this a good idea or is his defence to low


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It's ok, but so far eviolite dusclops is the best eviolite mixed wall. Shelmet has some pretty decent defenses and could have the potential as a talented wall, hope you make good use of him! The moveset I like is:

Shelmet/nature:calm(+special defense, -attack)trait:hydration/item:eviolite
-yawn(force out a switch)
-toxic(drain their energy)
-giga drain/bug buzz(only if you EV train his special attack to the maximum)
-recover(restore health)

I actually used this guy a couple of times, and he turned out to be a decent wall. It would be best to use him on a rain dance team to make use of his ability.

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His stats make him not worth using, except in the lower end of NU. Too low of HP, and there are others with better Defenses. His typing also is horrid for walling. If you use him on a Rain Dance team (which is a poor idea in the lower tiers due to lack of instant weather for Rain in the tiers below OU) Rest and Hydration can keep it alive for a bit, although it will still take damage due to that low HP. Encore could give you some time to set up some Spikes though, just Encore Toxic. And speaking of Toxic, give it that. Not much else to give it though, what with such a poor movepool. It shouldn't be used.

Oops, I meant rest instead of recover.
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Shelmet @ Eviolite
EVs: 108 HP / 200 Def / 200 Spdef
Trait: Overcoat
Role: weather wall.
Nature : Calm
Struggle bug
Acid armor