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In other words: which Pokémon has the longest entry cry in each gen, and which Pokémon has the shortest entry cry in each gen? I am talking about the cry that sounds when they enter the battlefield at full health and no status conditions (I am not sure whether the cry is longer as well as lower pitched if it doesn’t meet the aforementioned criteria, please feel free to tell me that as well!)

I am doing this to see if there is any relation between the length of cries throughout the generations (such as the range of the cry lengths getting smaller).

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Thank you! But I'm afraid other people, who don't know this fact may TOAST or FRY me!!!
I know that Jynx has the longest cry in gen 1
I'm not sure for each generation, but Jynx has the longest cry at 2.238 secs, and Pidgey has the shortest cry of 0.181 secs.
As of Generation VII, Jynx has the longest cry at 2.238 seconds, while Pidgey's is the shortest at 0.181 seconds.
@Souloflegends the question asked for all generations, and you only included Generation 1.

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