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most of you will say stuff like explosion, but if you are at 4% HP or less and use reversal it is 200, same as selfdestruct. so what attack has the potential of haveing the highest attack power?


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Stored power (if fully boosted) can have a 860 base power, but you need to have everything fully boosted ( even evasiveness and accuracy), this is what bulbapedia says :

"Stored Power deals variable damage depending on the stat modifications of the user. When the user has no stat modifications, Stored Power's base power is 20. Its power increases by 20 for each stat boost the user has, and does not decrease in power due to stat drops below 0. It reaches a maximum power of 860 [20 (base power) + {20 x 7 (total number of stats that can be maximized, including Evasion and Accuracy) x 6 (maximum number of boosts per stat)}]"

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Great one but just one move that can be strong when pokemon with items will be allowed to trade from black to older versions .

Lickylicky :
Move explosion .
Item Normal Gem .

Power 250+ 30%(Gem) +Stab
= 250 + 30/100 X 250 + 50/100 X 250
=250 + 200
= 450 .

Now remember , prior to black and white , the move explosion temporarily halved the defence stat of the opponent , i.e. doubling its power with takes it to a staggering 900 POWER .

But , as i said this would work ONLY after trading from black/white to previous versions will be enabled .
So , just a teaser yet . :)

That will never happen.