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So, I’ve played siliver before, and now switch to crystal,
I’ve chosen Totodile as my starter
And in my silver playthrough experience, i’ve tried to do 7 times to defeat whitney’s gym, it’s totoally a nightmare,
And now, i’m in whitney gym again, and I wants some Pokemon that you can catch that can deafeat whitney’s gym easily.
Thanks for whoever helping me!

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  1. One Pokémon I see as very viable is Machop. Machop can be obtained by trading an Abra in Goldenrod Department Store. With access to moves such as Karate Chop(17), Seismic Toss(19), and Low Kick(1), Whitney should not pose to big of a problem. Alternatively, you could go to Route 35 and catch Nindoran (Male) and teach it Double Kick which it learns at level 12.
  2. Gastly. With Gastly being a Ghost Type, Whitney can only attack you with Rollout once you KO her Clefairy. Luckily, you can catch it On Route 31 and Route 32. With Access to Spite, Hypnosis and Curse, you should easily be able to stall her Pokémon out.
  3. One more interesting idea I have come across is using the ever annoying move, Sand Attack. Fortunately, Pidgey can be caught on Route 29, 30, 31, 32, and 34. Pidgey learns Sand Attack at level 5. After you use this a couple of times, Whitney couldn't hit the broad side of a barn.
    Source: The Pokédex pages on these Pokémon and
    Hope I helped!
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Thanks! That helps a lot :)
Geodude resists both stomp and rollout. It also learns magnitude, so it deals damage more reliably than Gastly does.