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I was planning to challenge Pastoria's Gym, then I realized all my Pokemon are grossly underlevelled. Are there any places around Pastoria that work especially well for grinding?

What is your level range? And your Pokemon?
You can repeatedly challenge Wake until you get enough experience to win.
I'd prefer not to lose a lot of money though.

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The best way is to use the VS Seeker to rematch trainers. In my opinion the two ace trainers near the end of Route 215 would be a good place to grind and the Collector near the end of Route 214 with Vaporeon, Joteon and Flareon. Also the fishers near Route 214 with Gyarados and the Collector with Umbreon and Espeon. You can re-challenge them using VS Seeker. Using the VS Seeker for grinding is really good, and the 100 step recharge can be easily done with your cycle.
You can also grind at the Seven Stars restaurant in Hotel Grand Lake which you challenge double battles at time 9 am to 11 pm. The trainer and Pokemon are random and reset after each day. Unlike using VS Seeker, they can be battled one time once a day.
Hope this helps!

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Those ace trainers use level 24-25 Pokémon, which is way too low to be training level 30-35 Pokémon. I do agree with you that the VS Seeker is the best way to do it, but I’d suggest using the fishermen and collector on Route 212. The fisherman use Gyarados which gives a lot of exp, and the collector uses Espeon and Umbreon, which also do. They are around level 28+ which is the lowest I would go for grinding at this point in the game.
I had forget to suggest it but the collecter near the end of Route 214 who has Jolteon, Flareon and Vaporean are also good exp with each worth 1000 about exp. @PianoGeek123, the Gyarados give nice exp. however,  it is best to train only electric Pokémon there. The Collector is far easier to beat as he as only Quick Attack/Sand Attack/the weak type move ember, bubble and thundersock.
@PianoGeek123, I forget to note what you told about Umbreon and Espeon, they are also good exp. But, those ace trainers upgrade their team after the Spear Pillar (Distortion World). So they are better to train as they increase in level as the story progresses.
Thanks for the suggestion though!
Okay, but Crasher Wake is not after Spear Pillar. Now that you’ve said that though, I can go grind for Volkner against them!