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I really want Deoxys and i am in the pokémon-league on Emerald, how do i get deoxys?


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The AuroraTicket ticket for it is given via nintendo event. Unfortunately, that event has passed and you cannot get it. Note that Deoxys, being a event exclusive pokemon, is not required to complete the pokedex. But if you want it just so you can have Deoxys itself, then you have a few options:

-You can go onto a trade forum like the Serebii Trade forums and find a deal on a Deoxys.

-As a last resort, you can use a cheating device in order to obtain the ticket or just Deoxys himself for that matter.

I just know this is gonna get voted down because of the cheating device part... Just be aware that it might mess up your game, but that happens very rarely, so it's not a big issue.
I got my Deoxys from Serebii trade chat