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Sorry if this seems confusing: So, one day I was on Pokémon HOME and I traded a person for their shiny Lugia. It was from Unova and had the alola champion ribbon. Then, I put the Lugia into my Sword save file once the crown tundra came out. I battled with it and did a whole bunch of stuff with it. Next thing I know, when Nurse Joy heals my Lugia, it freezes it’s little section and doesn’t move its wings, and that concerns me. The game itself doesn’t freeze, however. Most Pokémon will move when they are being healed by nurse Joy in that little cutscene. Why? Is it Illegal? Here are the stats of it. They are pretty detailed because I just want a direct answer. Just don’t pay attention to what you don’t need to know.

(Dream ball) Lugia Lv76 (Italian) (it came as level 67)
No evs
ID 47258
Dynamax level: 4 ( I gave it the dynamax level)
Ability: Multiscale
Hp: 318
Sp. Atk: 165
Attack: 148
Sp. def:
Defense: 281
Speed: 224

-Weather Ball
-Aero Blast
Nature: Bold, it “likes to thrash about!”
Alola champion ribbon equipped

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Thanks giga blade! But I still can’t determine if it’s hacked or not... I’m Kinda leaning to the none-hacked side to this Lugia though. So it helped me in that end. That smogon was super helpful!
What was the date met? Does it say?
All it says is “ It seemed to have traveled all the way from space and time itself to join me from the Unova region” after the nature and at the bottom it says that it likes to thrash about. So no date when met.

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It's probably legit but slightly altered.

Multiscale Lugia is obtainable from the Dream Radar, and all Dream Radar Pokemon come in Dream Balls. Lugia can learn every move legitimately in Gens 5-7, and it can be moved up to SWSH where it got its Dynamax level. It's not unreasonable to assume that along the way it was used to beat the Alola League.

However, Dream Radar Pokemon can't be shiny. It may have been a legit Lugia and someone altered it to be shiny, or it could be completely hacked. I wouldn't get rid of it though, I don't believe it's capable of harming your game.

Hope this helps! :)

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Oh thank you so much! I relived to hear. I care about my game so much lol.
No problem! :)