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So I am about to fight Blaine in my leafgreen playthrough and I need a last team member to my team. I decided on alakazam or gengar. Which do you think is better? Or do you think any other Pokemon would fit better? If You want to know the rest of my team , here it is -


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Alakazam is better than Gengar because Alakazam's STAB moves are special.
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I think I might go with alakazam though.

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I would actually go with Gengar over Alakazam. Alakazam has the superior Special Attack, but it only gets a grand total of six non-STAB special moves -- four of which are from breeding. This essentially forces you to use Psychic, Thief, and Shock Wave, plus one other random move, and Shock Wave and Thief aren't even very good. You could use Calm Mind in the last slot to make it terrifying, but the fact remains it only gets one good special move. Seismic Toss is an option, but that's not always the most useful useful, as it does a fixed amount of damage.

Gengar, while it doesn't get to utilize its superior attacking stat on its STAB, instead gets a wider range of special coverage moves, which is arguably more useful. It gets Giga Drain, Thunderbolt, and Psychic, plus Dream Eater + Hypnosis if you so choose to perform that strategy. The type overlap with Venusaur doesn't matter, not in an in-game playthrough -- it may in fact be good, as Venusaur can use Poison moves that Gengar cannot.

So I would recommend Gengar, because while it doesn't get to use either of its STABs well, neither are really useful (Poison is only good against Erika and you have your other team members to help against Agatha). It gets wider coverage than Alakazam, which I believe is better than only being able to use one STAB move well.

Hope I helped!

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It gets Seismic Toss. :P

To be honest, Alakazam doesn’t need any other move than Psychic to be more useful than Gengar.
Oops, forgot about Seismic Toss. Edited.

I've always thought that coverage moves are good to have, and more useful than one or two STAB moves. They can cover a lot more types super effectively, and while super effective damage may not always be needed, I personally think the variety is nice nonetheless.
Yes, but in a FRLG play through Gengar’s coverage doesn’t matter a whole lot when Alakazam’s Psychic hits more stuff stronger, especially when it gets Recover and Calm Mind by level up. :P
Fair point.
Alakazam was supirior to Gengar until gen 4 or 5
Calm mind is usually more important than a super effective move. 2 calm minds are enough to double the damage from Alakazam's STAB psychic, and also raise its special defense. Giga drain is a weak coverage move, and Gengar's psychic is obviously outclassed by Alakazam's psychic. So Gengar is better against water and flying and worse against almost everything else.
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Alakazam is a lot better in gen three.

Can learn the three elemental punches through breeding which is already amazing coverage. Alakazam also get Barrier and recover, plus calm mind. Attract and rest go really well with the moves I already mentioned, so dos double team. Alakazam can actually be physichaly tankeir than Gengar. It also gets special STAB. Gen 3 Alakazam can stall with toxic. Encore can allow Alakazam to set up to make it tanky.

Can't make itself tanky like Alakazam. All, of Gengar's STAB is physichal. What Gengar would be good at is using Mean look and then sing a perish song and then withdraw or protect I forgot when the last turn is. But that gives the opponet a lot of time to shut you down. All that Gengar has over Alakazam is the fact that it has beetter coverage attacks.

Alakazam is better than Gengar in gen 3, by a lot

I hope this helped you decide!!! Also good luck fighting Blaine

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