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I want to know which starter and/or partner Pokemon have the highest bst for base form and final evolution. I don't need to know middle stage Pokemon. This is for all games. The name of the Pokemon and the bst will be appreciated.

There are obviously stats in the game, if there weren't then how would the game function? The difference with the main games is that they're fixed on the level rather than EVs and IVs.

Also which game? Like every game?
Mystery dungeon "games", not just one, all.
"each Pokémon has a set of base stats, which increase by fixed amounts when they level up"
This is what Primal Shadow is looking for.
I'm pretty sure these values aren't the same across every game. Plus, speed would inflate Super Mystery Dungeon's bst, so it's probably best to use a different parameter or exclude balance/mechanic changes to measure across all games.
Also, there's another very important factor: Stat Progression. Each pokemon adds stat points based on set values rather than a formula, as shown in the gamefaqs page above. An answer to this question will probably not take into account whether it's stats stay that high throughout its levels, if such a case even exists.

More to the point, this question will not give you the results you're looking for. I'd recommend narrowing your criteria for which games to be included and changing the parameter to combat stat total (as in disregard speed and HP) for a given level, be it lvl 1 or otherwise.
The reason it could be considered a trivial question is that PMD games have a failsafe for someone choosing the best statted mon: you also need a partner. Also, type matchups may make the best stats irrelevant in certain dungeons and especially against certain bosses

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