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From Generation VI onward, a female Pokémon has an 80% (60% for Hidden Ability) chance to pass down its Ability slot, regardless of whether it is bred with a male Pokémon or Ditto.


Starting in Black and White, female Pokémon with Hidden Abilities have a 60% chance of passing on the Hidden Ability to their offspring when bred with a male Pokémon from the same Egg Group. In Generation VI, this was extended so that male and genderless Pokémon with a Hidden Ability can also pass it down if they are bred with Ditto.

I'm pretty sure this means Bulbapedia contradicts itself, so please cite something that's not Bulbapedia if you're answering this question. Also please don't question my curiosity.

Since Gen 5 female Pokemon with hidden abilities have a 60% chance of passing the hidden ability down with a ditto. Gen 6 and after they still have that 60% chance of hidden ability, but they have an 80% chance of passing down their whatever their ability is. I am just going off of the sources you listed.
I think that's pretty obvious, since it's mentioned in the description?
The other source says they can pass down their hidden ability only when breeding with a male Pokemon. Why are you ignoring that source?

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According to a Bulbapedia user named SnorlaxMonster, the first page is correct. He/she/they/it edited the second page so Bulbapedia doesn't contradict itself anymore.

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