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so i know this question has been asked but i dident like most of the answers so i want to ask again : whats a good moveset for a walrein ?

so im not sure if its going to be a special tank but probeblly will since it has high HP and special attack so here is what i thought :

name : sub-zero (walrein)

nature: calm (+special defence, -attack)

abilety: not sure i need recommendes


ice beam- STAB powerfull and accurate

surf-STAB powerfull and accurate

signal beam-extra coverge and verity

hail/toxic/aqua ring-all are fitting to the target of the tank im just not sure what to pick

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4th answer down, DarthDestiny made a set for a Special Tankrein. (Special tank Walrein)
True, thanks, linkpower22
@Speed Freak - When we had the debate about the " Special moveset " or " Physical moveset " or anything related, we agreed that they shouldn't be asked anymore. Although, we also agreed that the ones that were already there, should stay there.

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If you want a good staller Go with this set

Walrein @ Leftlovers

EVS : Def / Sp Def

  • Toxic
  • Protect
  • Aqua Ring
  • Hail

The plan is simple, stall your foe to death with this, i recommend that you do this : Hail - Protect - Aqua Ring - Protect - Toxic - Protect and then whatever you want, if you can succesfulyl do this, you can get 3 recoveries (Ice body, leftlovers and aqua ring) and your foe will take the damage from toxic and hail, well i hope i helped :b

One problem - TAUNT.
Change pokemon >:D
He said special *tank*.
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Mines Is A Boss Tank It OHKO Best Plan Ever

[email protected]

Ability: Ice Body

EV: Sassy 252 SpDef, 252 Def, 4 Hp

-Sleep Talk
-Fissure(Egg Move)
-Sheer Cold(Learned Level 65 Walrein)

Okay The Plan Is If You Have A Abomasnow It Will Have The Ability Snow Warning So Always Use Abomasnow First. Then If It Dies Switch Out To Walrein And Use Rest. Because Of It Speed Walrein Will Get Hurt And Rest At Same Time. Then You Use Sleep Talk And It Will %100 Be On Fissure, Sheer Cold And Or Rest. But Sheer Cold And Fissure Would Never Miss. And Ice Body Heals It From The Hail And LeftOvers Also So Walrein Is A Good Tanker. And OHKO

how can it not miss?? wat am i missing?? Sheer Cold and Fissure have an accuracy of 30.