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It can be from any gen not only sword and shield.

Sword dog, shield dog.

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I would include all the Pokemons which are in Canidae (Dog - like) Family.


Growlithe / Arcanine

Name origin - Canine: of or relating to dogs

Snubull / Granbull

Name origin - bulldog: gruff breed of dog


Smeargle is a bipedal, beagle-like Pokémon with white and brown fur.

Source (beagle is a dog breed)

Houndoor / Houndoom

Name origin - Hound: to hunt or pursue, like a dog


HeartGold Pokedex entry: Volcanoes erupt when it barks. Unable to contain its sheer power, it races headlong around the land.


SoulSilver Pokedex entry: A Pokémon that races across the land while barking a cry that sounds like crashing thunder.

Poochyena / Mightyena

Name origin: Hyena: dog-like African mammal.

Electrike / Manectric

Manectric is a canine, quadrupedal Pokémon.



(just looks like a wolf, no pokedex entry nor the name origin say that)

Riolu / Lucario

Lucario is a bipedal, canine-like Pokémon with predominantly blue and black fur.


Lillipup / Herdier / Stoutland

Species of Herdier: Loyal Dog Pokemon


Species: Poodle Pokemon

Rockruff / Lycanroc

Name origin - lycanthrope: a werewolf

Yamper / Boltund

Species: Dog Pokemon


Vulpix / Ninetales

Species: Fox Pokemon

Zorua / Zoroark

Species: Illusion Fox Pokémon

Fenniken / Braixen / Delphox

Species: Fox Pokemon

Nickit / Thievul

Species: Fox Pokemon

Pls say if I missed anything

Hope this helps :)

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does fox counted as wolf?
Dog is also different from wolf, so I thought it was better to include all mons from Canidae family. Canidae means dog-like.
Isn't the Patrat line some kind of rodent-like creatures? I may be wrong, but I firmly believe they are.
Yes I thought so... thanks.
but the asker is asking for dog/wolf, is fox counted?
Umm, you put Shaymin in, but Shaymin's a hedgehog. Also, the 'Chimera' that Silvally is, is not a dog breed. It's a type of genetic hodgepodge made with different traits.
Yh Hedgehog wasn't a dog...

Also mb, I was confused between Chimera and Chihuahua...