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So I bought this opened tin from a very good rated seller but I see some red flags. I was wondering if someone can confirm if these packs have been resealed or if they are factory new.


You will probably get a better answer on a dedicated TCG forum (maybe look on reddit). PokeBase is mostly focused on the video games.

If you can link us to the seller, that’ll be great

If you could also tell us what cards you pulled, that’ll be even better. If you didn’t get cards you should’ve gotten, then they were likely tampered. Usually people leave reviews on the seller if it’s tampered or not.

If you could provide this, I could dig into it for you. Thanks!
The seller’s eBay is https://ebay.com/usr/anime9845 and I have not opened the packs yet because if they are factory new, I want to resell them, but if not, I will open them
Seller seems to be good for the most part. They seem to be a non-business seller and based off of previous listings they tend to buy, hold, and resell. Looks like no one complained about missing cards yet.

Mind attaching more photos focused on the bottom of the cards and potential openings? any excess glue? does the air volume in the packages seem normal?

and yeah, like Fizz said, it might be worthwhile to ask on more forums. This community is really small, so my opinion might be one of the only ones you'll get here, and it may be incorrect since I only recently got back into TCG. I will try my hardest to continue investigating, though :)
The front of the packs look factory straight and 'uncrinkled'

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