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will icy rock works for abomasnow with snow warning and make the duration of hail more?

i want to change abomasnow in battle!will it work like this too?

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Abomasnow's Snow Warning lasts Eternally until someone uses a weather move or someone with Cloud Nine / Air lock comes in, Or someone else with A weather changing ability comes in,

Meaning it already lasts forever unless interupted, so the Icy rock doesn't affect his weather abilities at all, so the final answer, is no.

And Yes, if you switch Abomasnow out during the battle it will still be Eternal Weather.

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Abomasnow's Snow Warning summons a hailstorm for the entire battle he is in unless it is replaced by another weather condition of suppressed by an ability. If you switch Abomasnow to another Pokemon, the hail effect continues.