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I know whats EVs because of the EVs page,but I don't know whats IVs.please help!

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IVs are "Individual Values" and are hidden points for each stat (HP, Attack etc) that are random for each pokemon. They can be from 0 to 31, and are added gradually up to level 100 (i.e. a pokemon with 20 IVs in Attack will have 20 higher attack at level 100 than if it had 0 IVs).

EVs are "Effort Values" which are extra points you get by battling different pokemon. See http://pokemondb.net/ev for a detailed description of EVs.

You cannot control what IVs your pokemon has, they are fixed from when the pokemon first appears to you. But you can control their stats quite a lot using EVs.

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So IVs are lucky stuff
and EVs something you work on
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No. IV stands for induvidual value. It is different for each pokemon, like EVs. IVs aren't for a certain stat though. If your pokemon has good IVs it just means that your pokemon will gain its stats quiker. That is why if your pokemon is trained exactly the same as someone elses pokemon, they might not end up exactly the same.

Sorry still cant get it,can you list the differences in points,please