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Metrenome is one of my favorite moves. However, it isn't the best battle move so only get it for fun. Water Pulse is a decent move to get if you don't have a good water type Pokemon. Toxic is one of the best Stat moves you can get. Return is a useful move for Togetic to have, but not really for Togepi. Psychic or Extrasensory are a must to take care of fighting types. Shadow Ball is a move I am always glad to have, especially when facing Ghost types. Flamethrower is always useful. Shock Wave is a decent electric type attack because it doesn't miss. However power is only decent. Facade is a good choice for a Normal type because of STAB, or you could do Secret Power. Grass Knot is also a useful move. When you get a Togekiss, make sure to teach it Air Slash and Aura Sphere. Extremespeed is also good despite low PP.

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I don't know why you ask, but a togepi can lurn Flamethrower, shadow ball, psychic and toxic if you teach him tms.

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Well I've never bothered training one up before, so wondered which moves made it a little more useful, I apologise if I'm just being cynical
But...why not evolve it? Togetic is better, but it's Normal/Flying not only Normal which brings new weaknesses and resistances. And, Togekiss is much better but it's still Normal/Flying, and, it can learn Sky Attack, Extremespeed or Aura Sphere...
Well I didn't know if it was worth evolving up even..
but I shall give it a shot if its worth it :)