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I was battling my freind at the last day of school and It ended up being Unfezant vs Braviary...

Unfezant used Hypnossis Braviary fell asleep

Unfezant uses Sky attack and Braviary


Braviary Faints...

Was this pure luck?


My pokemon was Unfezant and my freind was the one Braviary...

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well i dont think so since braviarys defences are ok but not so good and unfezants attack is quite decent 105 base attack and also sky attack is a really strong move with 140 power+STAB since its a flying move braviarys defences couldent ressist to such power amd he fainted
it just got OHKO'd so no luck here just some pokemon sience XD

just in case you want to see what im tlaking about here are some links :




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I took of Unfezant for Archeops.
Wonder if it was worth it?
as long as you keep it at near-full HP