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Why is norman's slaking so hard to beat?! I tried many times recently... but I can't <.>

my Pokemon so far are: marill lv 31, with rollout, defense curl, strength & water gun 'i'll be replacing her with a spheal much later* ,

nincada with dig, fury cutter, leech life & cut 'she's too weak to beat it... but i'm not replacing her*,

treecko, my starter, lv 38 with rock smash, bullet seed, mega drain & quick attack,

illumise lv 27 'again, too weak to beat it, but not replacing* with shock wave, quick attack, flash & moonlight

& taillow, lv 33 with peck, wing attack, secret power 'the power to paralyze* & quick attack

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great :D   nincada is so much cuter, imo ^^
Why is this flagged?
@ ○Celestial Shadows●

that's what i want to know :0
The question is allowed (currently), but I hope you understand how irritating it is that you're asking for help beating gym leaders when there is a level 38 Treecko on your team. Not the first time you've done this either.
If you want to use cute Pokemon instead of play the game normally, I would almost tell you "not our problem".

i am playing the game normally ....  just with the pokemon i want... everyone does that, playing with the ones they want...

& i hadn't played emerald in ages, since the last time i played...

besides... nincada & taillow have now evolved once :>

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It seems your team is currently lacking the stats to tank Slaking's attacks. That is not suprising when Slaking's base attack stat is higher than Groudon's!! However there is still hope... PROTECT

Because Slaking has the ability Truant, which makes it move in one turn and loaf around in the following turn, you can Protect in the turn he moves, and attack on the "Loafing around" turn.

For a Pokémon with this move, you can fish a Corphish, wich learns it at level 23, catch a Torkoal, wich learns it at level 27, or a Aron, learning it at level 34 (or 37 if it evolves).

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i understood .. i ticked it :>

taillow & nincada just evolved into swellow & ninjask :D *just ninjask*

i've decided to teach ninjask attract... since they're all males & she's a girl :>
i love how fast ninjask gets... then she wanted to learn swords dance which boosts her attack.... but i said ''you don't need attack boost... you need speed boost'' :D

i beat him with ninjask *attract & dig* & swellow *secret power paralyze & aerial ace* ^^

it was much quicker beating norman, this time now that tuti & tsuba evolved once :0  plus... i love tuti's speed boost ability :D